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Default Re: Don't know what to do

I love how people I meet think I'm just exaggerating about my parents or my MD, too. Then something happens that makes them realise I *wasn't*, and they're all like "oh my god matt, I didn't really think that things could be that bad." It's so awesome how you guys don't believe me, don't trust me. I like how you just want to right me off as some kid who wants attention. Yeah, maybe I'm starting to feel sorry for myself, but that's better than the lifetime of feeling nothing like before.

I'm not even following what I'm writing anymore. . .

edit: I got pissed off and started puching walls, figuring, you know, since I can barely lift them how possible is it that I'll make a hole?

bye-bye security deposit.

edit2: I can't even do the things in the sticky. "You're just using me so you lay about feeling sorry for your self." "Art? Shouldn't you be looking for a job?" My friends don't trust me anymore, so how can I trust them? They accuse me of petty shit like cleaning stuff with their toothbrushes and then putting them back? What am I now, some sort of fucking monster?

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