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Default two things that i have written

Green with envy,
we must feed.
Blind the poor
so they don't see.
Hold your body
as it twists and turns.
Wipe your fears
with sticks and thorns.
Break your promises,
the truth is fake.
Show everyone just how much
you can take.
Fuck the weak,
for they are grounded.
Fuck the sadness,
for you are drownded.
Breed on disease,
it's what we live for.
We are pittyful messes
down to the core.

In the midst of fading gray
We suffer through another day.
A tragedy we mustn't face.
But the pain we dealt with grace.
For we never open our eyes to see
the beauty that lies beneath.
We tend to cling to what is fake.
Always putting our friends at stake.
With our lonely hearts we cease the power
as our lives dry out every hour.

I must mention that the first one was written when i was in the teen help center and was high

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