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Default Re: It's happening again...

Originally Posted by some1
I feel lost, lonely, angry. I feel like I am unable to be loved by anyone who is not my family. I just feel angry and hurt no one would ever give me a second glance. I'm just a nobody. I feel invisible.
dont worry... you are not the only one that feels this way... i also feel that im invisible too... even with my best friends... i call them they dont answer, im with them they see someone else ant they start talking completly ignoring me... im gonna tell you something. two days ago was my best friends sweet 15 (thats how it is in latinamerica), and about at the end of the party she just left with some friends... i was all alone with her family doing a shit... and she just left for half an hour... without even telling me she was going to left... she just did it... and i wanted to actually kill her... but then she asked me sorry, and since its my best friend, and i can feel when shes really embarased/sorry, i accept them...
just go with life..

Originally Posted by some1
I feel like I dont belong anywhere, thats all. Like im a waste of space. Nobody listens to me. When I speak, Im always interupted and no one realizes i was talking...stuff like that. People make me feel so useless.
I sometimes feel like that too... just make yourself noticeable!!

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