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Originally Posted by James
how do you feel about religion and what should be done?
well i feel that religion is wrong, but people have their opinions. but we are spupposed to have religion seperate from state or country. religion is taking control. christianity, jewdisim, muslim, etc. are having to much control. religion should not interupt with school. all religious holidays should thus be taken from schools. and the days off added to summer, winter or spring break. religions should no longer get funding from the gov't. the charities will be exempt from taxes as long as they have proof that no embezling of donations. if fraud is found, the person being accused will be charged with fraud, stealing, and embezlement also the chairty will be forced to go through an audit of the entire lifespan of the charity from the begining of the law. if more than 5 cases of fraud or embezzelment are found the charity will be closed and all money gained by the church must be repaid to the qov't. teachers punishing a student for a religion, that teacher will be fired. if a teacher is being punished for a religious belief the punisher will be charged with a felony of gov't treason on the grounds of trying to create a hostile environment in a gov't facility. any court house with the ten codmentments or any other religious icons, will be shut down and force to remove the icon, if the removal is failed then the judge will be fired and licence permenently revoked and the icon will be taken as evidence during his treason trial. as you can see i want to take religion away from our gov't

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