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Default Re: It's happening again...

Well, I must say I'm not impressed. You have given us your feelings, which is good, and your taking a step to help. But then in your signiture is the answer to your problems. You have building hatred. For those that mock you, for those that don't love you? Lothing the Stupid Girls and the Jock Asshole Guys. All the while being blind to the fact that the only way to present yourself better is to love them. Stive for there company, and be confident, yourself. Your cought up in the emotion, the maturity. But you should just, play the game right? Find those people who like what you like, and settle for a friend? Maybe your standards of friendship are aimed to high. Or maybe those who are trying to be your friends, you don't consider friends. You cant be picky, friendships are made only when both parties are open and willing. I hope you don't stay depressed. Maybe stay on and share some more, what do you say?
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