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Default Re: Why me?! Disney Cruise nightmare...

welcome back!! how was your vacation?? hope it was good...
im not sure what to say about the "now doing nothing for 15 years" thing, because, i mean, we are just teenagers... i dont want to low your faith, or self steem, but you are definatelly not going to last your whole life with betsey... is it YOUR fault, or HERS, i dont think you will even get to marry her... yes it might be cool to have someone you truly love at your side, and kinda feels that she loves you too, yes, its awsome because ive felt it, and once a girl that i really loved, also loved, and cared about me so much, that at some point it was annoing... but you gotta go with life... like i say "life happens" you just gotta keep going forward, and not looking back... it might be cool that you find betsey... i mean, i, live in italy, and you, i guess, live in the states, and over all the post you've written about her, someone can really feel that you love her, and you want her to be with you, but you gotta realize that it wont last forever being a teen, like most of us would like it to be with our own couples... like i said, you gotta go forward, and dont look back, its all past, and you gotta forget about it... think about this: yes in your story you said she was shy, and that you kinda felt that she likes you, but then suddently you find her after years of looking, and then she doesnt remembers you... it might happen like it always happens in the "happy endind movies" that you tell her everything, you ask her mary you, she says yes, and you live happy forever... BUT, what if she says no... im not trying to lower your self steem and your faith, im just trying to show you the real world, and you gotta realize all is real. this aint a happy ending movie. you are not god to decide eather she says yes or no. you gotta analize EVERY SINGLE thing that will/might happen before acting. you might be no one to her right now, just some dude she though was cute for two weeks... sorry if i was kinda crude, but its the real world, and life happens


edit: YOU more than ever should read, and re read this.
I know right now you are all really sad that you didnt have the chance to actually meet her. im putting this edit note because i just read in your signature "You write your own happy endings."
I have to agree, but there are lots or variables that you cant write.. people want to BE. they dont want their life written down, they have a destiny they need to choose... not god...

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