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I can't say i would fucking love it if my friends didn't mind when I had a boner. Thats a bit to much of an overstatement don't you think. It would be nice, don't get me wrong, to have your best friend be a little less entralled at your misfortune....but fucking love it....thats a bit much. I think that wearing boxers at a sleep over is totally fine, its not as though he doesnt do the same thing when he sleeps alone at night. Should he strip to his boxers at your sleepover though, that would be sorta akward, you might want to keep the to boxers stripping on the DL and wait tell the light is out and he cant see you. I mean, you can sleep in whichever attire you so choose, but you must respect is comphert level as well, of course. And well, simply hide your boner to prevent your friend from saying anything.
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