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Default Re: Quitting Prozac Cold Turkey

I'm old - I'm 56 - but I wanted to respond to this post, so I joined the board, but I'm going to quit after I post this. Teens have a right to their privacy.

Normally, wean off whatever drug you're on slowly, especially Paxil, but Prozac is different because it has such a long half-life in the body. I went from 40 mg/day to 0 mg/day over the course of a month, and I thought it was way too fast because I had every side effect in the book & thought I'd go nuts. I told the M.D. about the horrible side effects and he laughed at my pain. He said I could have gone off Prozac cold turkey with no side effects. I should have known that. In 2005 I ran out of medicine Aug. 30, and was fine all through September, no pain.

For Prozac, it seems to be the fluctuating levels, the changing levels of Prozac in your body that causes all the side effects. So wean off it, and you'll go through hell. I should have just quit.

Prozac, amphetamines and cocaine are all different gradations of the same kind of thing. They're all stimulants, and they all work the same way. Sigmund Freud used to think cocaine was the neatest antidepressant. In the 1950s meth and amphetamines were prescribed as antidepressants. Someday people will realize Prozac was worthless and just provided a steady income for the drug companies. It CAUSES the things it's supposed to treat. I've been on it since 1987 and it only worked the first month I was on it, so I kept increasing the dosage to get the same euphoria. The best way to treat depression is to exercise, get enough vitamin D, eat fruits & vegetables and get enough sunlight. Anything else, the psychiatrists don't know what they're doing. It's like using a sledgehammer to play a keyboard. Doctors are only _practicing_. On you.
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