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Originally Posted by rong626
How do i beat a level 20 Assissan with a level 20 Elementalist??I tried making an Air Elementalist using Blinding Flash then attack him with Chain lightning,Lightning Orb and lightning hammer but he use some monk use Mend Conditions on him and he of course killed me....Any ideas??
Please don't double post, there really arn't that many Tech Junkies as there are Puberty Junkies, so it's not as popular of a forum and takes some time for replies.

Now, first of all, is this allowed in the Paradise? O_o Because I've read the archives and have found nothing about anyone ever asking about how to complete a game before.

What game is it about again? There are many video games out there, and it is hard to desern one.

Maybe there is a games forum or should be a games forum for this. Possibly a diary. You might want to search Google for some answers and guides on video games.
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