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You could try running Adaware (, which searches for and removes spyware. That might be messing up your system.

You could also try Defragmenting the Hard drive. (Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Defrag.

If you hit Control Alt Delete (preferably when the computer is acting up), and click on the preformance tab, what does it say for CPU usage, PF (Page file usage), Processes, and Total and Avaliable Physical Memory?

If you look down next to the time, in the taskbar, how many icons are loaded right there?

If there's a lot, especially ones you never, or rarely use, you might consider going to Start, Run, type in Msconfig, press enter, and navigate to the Startup tab. In that list of programs, you can uncheck any that you dont need, or feel you don't need. If you don't know what you're doing, it doesn't matter, because if you accidently remove something you want, you can always open msconfig again, and recheck it.

But, going through those steps could help a lot.

My computer's a little weird right now as well. I just had to close three tasks that I had closed earlier, because they weren't ended. They didn't show up for me, but they did on the process list. They were using 107, 70, and 40 meg of ram.

I also had something similar to your problem before. I would click something, and it would seem like it didn't open, but if I waited sometimes a minute, sometimes 5-10 minutes, it would open. It wasn't a speed issue either. It just sat there doing nothing and finally, started to try to open it.

I forget what I did to fix that though.

As for the virus thingy, even if you're sure it's not a virus, it couldn't hurt to check anyway. If you don't have an antivirus program, AVG ( is pretty nice, or even running an online scanner (, which is also free does a nice job.[/url]

- Bill
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