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Default Re: now what am i supposed to do?

Originally Posted by Kasabian
Oh dear, the "friends" thing. Well, as harsh as it may be, my advice would be to just move on. It's not the end of the world though. Over the summer just try telling her how much she means to you.
This is similar advice to what somone gave me when i was ''crushed'' She was one of my closest friends and i asked her out, but she said no but she still wanted to be really close friends with me. Anyways i started the process of trying to get over her, it wasnt working and in time i realised it asnt going to work but i got to a stage where i could just be her friend, without letting myself want anything more and at the same time still loving her. We eventualy got back to how we where before i asked her out, we where verry close again and we knew practically everything that goes on with each other(things that we dont share with other people) It came to the time where she became infatuated with one of our friends for a few months. She realised that she had seen something that wasnt there and i supported her through that and spoke to both of them, to try and get them to a stage where they could be civil around each other. She then confided in me and told me that she has feelings for someone else, it turned out to be me! anyways me and her are together now and i think we will be for a long time. I hope so

So my advice to you is share stuff with her, get close make her feel that she can connect with you and maybe you could end up in the same situation as me but skip out a lot of the pain and suffering i had to go through.

Good Luck to you i really hope it goes well for you
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