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Default Re: i fell stupid about this

First just kiss her on the lips, no tounges or anything, you know go slow, it makes them relax and enjoy it more, also its a way of finding out if thats what they want.
Second pull away gently look in to her eyes and open your mouth (but not in a goofy way)lol then you will tell from her reaction if thats what she wants.
Thirdly go for it put your lips o hers, tounge in, then do what feels right, if she is experienced she will subtly show you, while you are doing it, just follow her lead. If she is inexperienced then she will be just as nervy as you are but she will feel comfortable if you follow step 1and2 and things will come naturally.

Little tip tho, make sure her parents cant see when you're making out, thats the mistake i made. We where in her hot tub conoodling and kissing and her parents saw us through the window and she was teased about it for weeks.
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