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Default Re: Medicinal Marijuana

Do you mind if I ask how she uses it, and how often?

For me (when I have a constant supply. I don't have the space to grow my own just yet, so I rely on dealers and my unstable cash flow ) I smoke a wake 'n' bake, and gives me a nice subtle high throughout the day that can be supplemented as it wears out. No couch lock for me, thanks. I can generally do 1-2 bowls a day (from a bong) depending on how good it is.

However (and here's where people are probably gonna start flaming me), I don't see anything wrong with using it socially either, since I'm gonna have my card. I'm accustomed to regulating my high, so I'm generally not gonna get completely blazed. If someone else wants to smoke with me, and they've got match, who am I to say no?
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