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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

When I felt the crushing walls of a uterus squeezing me out I knew I'd like guys.

Seriously now, from ages 7- 14 i've always had a girlfriend or a girl playmate for those younger years. I thought I was completely heterosexual. Well I was until I met my friend Chris at school. We got to be great friends quickly after our first time hanging out. In the school field we'd always be hangin in the tree talking about random things. He also didn't live that far of from my place so he came over a lot or vice versa. One time I guess we were curious and we were 11 by the way. But we went to piss at the same time, Noe as a young kid I found this all to be innocent. So we did the whole I'll show mine if you show yours thing. Which then led us to masturbating each other, I've gotta say it was pretty fun. After that I guess I had an attraction for him and other guys, I built a thing for underwear too .... Remembering asking Chris for a pair of his.(still have them to this day) but basically me and Chris stayed friends till we were 14, by then we actually figured out he was gay and I was bi. We dated each other for a year , but I had to move away. And I knew I couldn't do the whole long distance thing with him. So after that and a few months after the break up I found a girl to date, and it's been switching between guys and girls.

There's my story.

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