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Originally Posted by WelshLad
So the people who'd like to see Europe as one country would like to see our different cultures, different languages, different customs and traditions all vanish? Sure the E.U. is great (except that we have to take orders from Brussels rather than London, Cardiff or Edinburgh) but a superstate is fucking crazy.
But unfortunately we are on our way to that happening thanks to the euro currency. I don't know how 12 countries can say goodbye to their currencies, some of which have hundreds or thousands of years of history. And of course, our royal family would be disbanded and we can't have that!
Ok has the welsh lost there traditions while in the UK not really (to a extent)... and if the United states of Europe was Federalist then there would be nothing to worry about you have to a powers to solve local issues like keping lanuages alive. But the royal family does not have to be disbanded it can just be a constitutional monarchy of an area like there are dukes and stuff.

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