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Default Re: Stupid Terrorists!

quite frankly i think the war on terror is a sham.

al quedia is not some terrorist cell with everlasting capabilities and some massive army. It's a load of bollocks how president bush has used a tragic event such as this as a prelude to large scale war in the middle east.

He's used a terrorist attack, purportated by a minority to invade and destroy the governments of Afghanistan and Iraq. Sure, they weren't the best governments, were corrupt etc but that doesn't give us the right to walk in there and fuck them up completely, well done team america world police!

It's pathetic how thousands of civillians and soldiers have been killed over Osama bin laden and 'the war on terrorism' - it's a pile of shit, to be honest. The war on Iraq is pathetic, somehow Saddam gets suddenly connected to Osama Bin Laden, that's a load of crap too they were sworn enemies and ideologically opposed.

It's funny how the one thing president bush promised to do never happened. Osama Bin laden isn't dead or captured and no weapons of mass destruction have turned up. Quite frankly, President Bush should be put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Sure, 9/11 was tragic, but what's more tragic is the total destruction of iraq and afghanistan, the thousands more killed in those countries and the familes devastated by American tyranny.

You wonder, who are the real terrorists here?

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