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Default Re: Homosexuality a disorder according to.......

Just to clear up some things - a mental disorder has to forfill the following criteria (for both the DSM-iV and ICD Classifications)...

*whacks out psychology textbook*

1. Statistical Infrequency - Straying away from the norm or average behaviours of the population (yes, homosexuality is as most people aren't gay)

2. Deviation from social norms - Not following the rules of society (this is debatable, many people may say its not a social norm to be gay, but others say its an acceptable socially to be gay - it really depends on who you talk to)

3. Deviation from Ideal Mental Health - this ranges from things like having a postive self attitude to having an accurate perception of reality. Most gay people are mentally healthy in this respect, however some gay poeple like any straight person can clearly not be mentally healthy.

4. Failure to funciton adequately - This means, not being able to dress and clean yourself, being unemployed and not being able to financially support yourself. Some gay people may not be able to function adequately due to stigma ie they find it hard to get a job.

5. Cultural Relativism - Does it relate to the culture. It might be alright to be gay in one country, but not in another.

Therefore, according to the mental health community homosexuality is not a mental disorder - which was established in that news article. How the US government can deem homosexuality a mental disorder, when it's own mental health community doesn't (and they define what mental disorders are) is beggars belief.

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