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Default Re: England knocked out of 2006 FIFA Football World Cup

Originally Posted by LIsailer19
well lets just say i havent gotten over WW2.
That was fucking 60+ years ago!! Damn you weren't even alive for fucks sake! Old grudge or what, its not like the people who are playing for germany were controlling gas chambers or something is it. Not their fault.

I was so gutted when England went out The cheers, the crys, the shouts all over for another four years..
It was a terrible game, Rooney is a lairey dick who needs to sort out his temper. Beckhams injury was just unfortunate as was Owens earlier on.
The person to blame for the whole thing? Sven. HORRIBLE tactics and selection!
4-1-2-2-1?! It did not work, we knew that yet he uses it again. Takes off Joe Cole, and Lennon after he had only just gone on? Putting on Caragher and leaving Crouch upfront on his own?!
This man is a joke and I am so glad he is retiring he has ruined enough competitions for us. Bring on Steve Maclaren, I'm sure he will do better.
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