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Ok so anyways the sleepover is over now and so I thought I'd make a post to say how it turned out. So what happened is I wore my boxer-briefs to bed(as usual) and he was gonna goto bed in his clothes and he saw me getting undressed so he felt more comfortable wearing only his boxer-briefs. Now we went to bed and kept on waking up like every 30 minutes and played ps2 or went on the computer. And so we both got tired of taking our clothes on and off so we just walked around in our boxer-briefs. As i predicted I got a boner and he noticed. He pointed and said "Haha nice tent... I know I'm hot but jeeze" and started laughing, then he got a boner as well. It was really funny. So we each had a few more boners and we didn't really care anymore (though we still made some great jokes out of them). Thanks for the help guys.

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