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Europe doesnt have to become a united states. the usa is failing anyway, corruption, and greed...silent killers. our economy, no matter how powerful looking, is rotting fromt he inside and its just a matter of time before our stockmarket crashes. so, yeah, Europe becoming a super power now won't do us off....were allready done.

Europe United into one single country is unlikely, though the most intellegent of things to do for econoic and security reasons. They would become the sole power of the world, a fact which, at least to me, would be very badass. China, Japan, India....they are developing rapidly and in time will, if not allready, be the strongest industrial powers of the world. At this point in time, commerical power is in the hands of the states, but that will be short lived. More and more companies in the us are basing themselves internationally, no doubt sensing its insitbility.

Canada, Mexico, Central america, The West Indies, and the USA is what comprimises North America, tis not just the US, Canada, and Mexico. If the US and Canada joing, putting petty differences aside, I think everyone would prosper....however mexico. ha, i doubt any country would be foolish enough to join them. they are NOT going to help any economy, and there more corrupt and desicrated then the us has ever been or will be.

I'm not off topic, for this is a global matter, dealing with superpowers. right now, the states are the only super power. the arising asian markets are on there tail and the EU could, in fact, surpass all. They could, and should unite as strongly as possible. Economicly superiour US needs to fall, so that people open there eyes.

but all is not so well. global warming is, i'm confident, going to unite the world with a commen goal. not to stop it, its to late, but to defend against it. give GW 20 years, then who cares about the EU, the US, the Asian Markets......they will all be devistated, with floods....famine....fatality. It will be horridly beautiful....for what will kill us, will make us stronger, and it will take this global disaster to finally wake everyone up....or at least i hope.

anyways, i'm done ranting.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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