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I don't usually ever use lube since I'm uncurcumcised, and things work pretty well without it. But, hand lotion is pretty good though it dries out and you have to keep adding more. Baby oil might be ok, but i dunno. Vaseline, well the thought of putting grease (yes it's GREASE) on my penis is kinda gross, but I have before and its so thick that it has more friction than my foreskin so basically my hand can't even move, it was like glue. I would personally avoid cooking oils, because even though they may be ok to eat, they might leave a smell and be hard to clean up...especially oilive oil. I know that there are a lot of really good lubes tht you can get at adult sex stores but we can't go in those, so... at a drugstore you can buy K-Y or ID personal lubricant. It's usually with the condoms. But if you ask me, spit is a really good lubricant. It's free, works ok and cleans up easy.

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