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Hi. My name's Matt. I'm on my way outta the house right now, so when I get back I'll post a proper introduction. Just wanted to say "hi" though.

Edit: Hey everyone. Thanks for the warm welcome. I can tell I'll like VT already

I guess I'll post a little about myself; a warning if you will. I'm really shy irl (not so much as shy as see no point in chatting or feel out of place talking), so I'm gonna try to be as outspoken as possible here to get myself out of the habit (I hope).

I've had a troubled life, but then so has everyone, and it wouldn't be fair of me to compare my problems with those of others. Maybe someday when I need to vent I'll post about it here, but right now I'm just eager to dive into VT and establish a fresh identity for myself. I never really had a chance to discover who I am/who I want to be, and at 19 now, I really should've taken care of that, so I hope VT will help me through this stage.

That's all for now, i guess. See you all around!

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