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Originally Posted by wtrocks View Post
I'm a satanist.
Now, I read this in the last two pages, (about who created god/s, and what not) and i just wanna give my side, which i hope doesn't make me sound stupid, lol..... I would think that the "God/s needed to have a creator" thing would be science related? Everything must have a source or some shit like that? Well, wouldn't God or the Gods or what not transcend the laws of science or whatever? If I'm wrong, correct me. I probably don't know jack about what i'm saying..... lol

God(s) needing to have a creator is not science-related, unless you are talking about theistic science, which is not considered science. You really need to look up what science is. I don't often tell people this but you're making me think you're a troll.

As for whether all gods transcribe the laws of science, that's where theological noncognitivism comes in. You need to describe the characteristics of the god because different beliefs ascribe each one differently.

If what you've said you truly believe, then I laugh at you calling yourself a satanist because with this much uneducation on theisticism and science, I doubt you would know much. There are different types of satanism, which do you proclaim you adhere to? Also, do you consider Lucifer and Satan to be one in the same or different beings in the Bible (depends on your answer to the first question)?

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