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Default Re: Americans unaware oil from Canada

Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Alaska has like ZERO oil
seriously its deposits are so small its not worth the cost to extract nor the severe damage to the enviroment it will cause
that crap bush is going on about huge oil deposits there is a load a crap
and canada does have certian areas that are similar to alaska but that dosent mean the entire countrys like that
were the second largest country on the planet
do you really think its all the same?
alaska has alot more oil than you think. there are huge depsoits near prudhoe bay and barrow. alaska could power the united states for 2 years, although your'e right its not worth it to destroy that enviroment just for some cheap oil. and when its all gone we're right back where we started. george fucking bush cant understand that though. and yes i know canada is the second biggest, what i meant is alaska's climate and land is similar to youkon, BC, and Northwest territories. not that the entire country is the same. there is also oil in the continental US. there is oil and coal in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, etc. Half of the state of montana is sitting on coal. Half the 4th largest state! and researchers in montana have discovered a process that turns coal into gas that can be used in cars. i'm a little off topic now but my point is that america does produce oil domestically, and that we're not completley dependent on forigen oil. but i didnt know that so much oil was in canada.

p.s. happy 2 year (and one day) anniversay at VT Cody
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