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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I remember always trying to see other dudes naked like very early on, maybe 5 or 6. I knew I was gay because what male would hide in his bedroom and steal his mothers high heels and dance on a chair to MADONNA! Lmao, I remember one scene where I had learned the dance moves and I was so dedicated to be Madonna or like her it is so funny and somewhat cute (to me). My mother knew as soon as she found out she was pregnant that I was going to be a male. My whole family just knows what's going on before it actually happens or is explained. I've grown up to be somewhat calmed down and must I say I got out of the Madonna scene and yes, I still blush when I talk about this story because you wouldn't ever guess this motherfucker would pull off Madonna bullshit. If you feel different than the other kids you're around then chances are you're different. Whether it is your sexuality or just your personality you can't help but be yourself. It is really difficult to learn about who you exactly are inside. If you think you're gay, don't instantly flaunt it, chances are you'll be laughing stock for the next 20 years. Try it out first and go from there, I also remember signingup for the underwear books and hiding them under the couch, that is also a sign when someone hides underwear mags under any surface.
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