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Yet again I'm quoting myself since you aren't reading my full post.

Originally Posted by Death View Post
I've posted external links before, but I usually prefer to refute what others say with reasons, which is also a debating tactic. I don't paticually care if you like it or not.

Isn't it obvious? Just because I don't believe in God, it does not mean that I can't argue against someone when they say that the God of the old testament was a good character. You'll usually find that the best way to refute religious arguments is by using said religion against them, like I've been doing.

Little to no atheists I've met here bash Christians. We are not trying to convert you. But if you say something we disagree with, we'll argue against it in the same way you are arguing against me. Does this surprise you?
Originally Posted by Mojo Jojo View Post
I don't mind people saying things against it but when it gets to the point where more than 50% of their posts are about how horrible Christianity is then it gets to a disturbing level. Just because the bible says horrible things it doesn't give you free range to bash it at every turn. A debate is about disproving the other point while proving yours but all you seem to do is say Christianity is horrible and the God is a ruthless bastard. You don't provide facts, statistics, or even sources most of what you say comes from your opinion or something someone else has posted.
And for you two.
Originally Posted by Matty1 View Post
Sorry. However, to say that only athesists bash christians and christians don't then, you are very naive. If you don't agree with someone, your natural instinct is to disagree with them and argue your case. So I think christians give as good as they get
Originally Posted by hatelovelive View Post
LOL! Failpost is fail. All the time, Christians try and convert me. All the fucking time. I don't try and convert anyone, I may point out inaccuracies and flaws in their religion but I leave it up to them to decide for themselves. On the other hand, I always get Christians coming out with bullshit like 'look around you and tell me there is no God' (which I do and enjoy doing as I see them about to facepalm like I'm closed minded when they are the closed minded ones who refuse to believe that they might have spent their whole lives believing a lie, the greatest one ever in fact. To think that it's always Atheists trying to convert and bash Christians is just incomprehensible.
Originally Posted by Mojo Jojo View Post
Also, this forum you'll barely find anyone Christian trying to condemn or convert anyone, in fact the ones that have tried it are no longer here. You'll find more atheists bashing and trying to convert Christians. Like I said in my earlier post I don't care if you do it, it's when you get to the point of doing it every single day in every thread you can find that it gets to the disturbing part.
Key point I made is this forum.
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