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Originally Posted by Death View Post
I also find it disturbing how Christians can't stand it when people say things that are both true and may reflect badly on their beliefs. Besides, why is what the bible says about condeming others not to be condemned in itself? Can anyone really condone all the awful things it says?
I'm not a Christian and I don't mind people saying things against it but when it gets to the point where more than 50% of their posts are about how horrible Christianity is then it gets to a disturbing level. Just because the bible says horrible things it doesn't give you free range to bash it at every turn. A debate is about disproving the other point while proving yours but all you seem to do is say Christianity is horrible and the God is a ruthless bastard. You don't provide facts, statistics, or even sources most of what you say comes from your opinion or something someone else has posted. Also if you're atheist what's the point in going on a tyrant about a God you don't believe in and stories that never happened?
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