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Default Re: the effed up "us of a"

Originally Posted by 2blonde4emailzz
Bush didnt send him. There was no draft implemented so he wasnt forced to go to Iraq. He chose to go in the military and has to live with it.

Dont forget congress has the power to declare war. Not just Bush.
No they didnt have to join it. But remember you can "Support the Troops" but not the war. This is where me, myself stands.

I dislike Bush as you can tell (I mean alot). But we have to wait 2 more years and their will be no Bush! Bush in my opinion has made alot of bad decisions and its not just with Iraq. But also I think any other person running against him will change a President in the Middle of a War! The USA is a great place to live but we dont actually vote for the President in a sence. If you dont know how the Electoral College works you can ask me or pm me but I wish it was by Popular vote like most people! I think we need to cope through this time and just Support the Troops. Their here to serve but they dont have to Support the War either. Just fly the American Flag this week because they fought for you and you need to support them in this time. God Bless the USA! And fly the flag for all the troops!

Also why I am at it! Support peoples decisions on this forum. They have a right to say what they want to about the USA! And if I hear something about if you dont like it move to Canada... then what American are you! America was set up so if you didnt like something you could change it. So just calm down on threads like this because you are no better (nor am I) than anyone else in here!

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