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Default Re: Disorganized Schizophrenia?

Well, only a doctor can give you a professional opinion and as both your parents have schizophrenia i think it might be a good idea you see a doctor soon. The quicker schizophrenia is treated the better the prognosis (outcome).

It doesn't look like you have full blown hebephrenic schizophrenia however it does look like you have shades of symptoms, not full blown symptoms but certainly traits that could develop into full blown symptoms.

Disorganised symptoms like talking nonsense like 'word salads' as in a string of tottaly unrelated words being spoken as conversation are full blown symptoms. Disordered affect - as in laughing at bad news or crying at good news are symptoms of disorganised schizophrenia.

I can't say whether you have it or not, but personally i don't think you've developed full blown hebephrenic schizophrenia, your friends, family and teachers would have known by now and you would have been given appropriate help, after a while it becomes obvious that something is clearly wrong.

However you've recognised that you have some of the symptoms, at varying degrees of intensity - as in some are worse than others. I urge you to talk to your parents about it, show them the criteria for disorganised schizophrenia and just arrange an appointment with your doctor, tell him about your family history of mental illness and the symptoms you've described here. They will point you in the right direction..

Remmeber, the sooner the better. If you are developing schizophrenia is can be treated more effectively now than it would be 6monthes or a year down the line, and anyway, it could just be re assurance that you're healthy and you're not developing schizophrenia. So either way, the best thing you can do right now is to make your feelings known to your parents and medical professionals who can ascertain clearly whats going on.

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