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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
Did you not read what I posted? I mean that showing violence in religion shouldn't be the way to convince a child to believe in something. And there is extreme violence in Passion Of The Christ.
I agree to some extent that this is beyond foolishness. The Shiite minority(usually the twelver) group, and at Husseinia, they are trying to show and depict the same horror that Imam Hussein went through. While majority of Islam is, of course, are dismayed by this act(it is actually an act).

True, violence is not the answer.(You should have worded that way instead), but still, a movie is a movie.

But, if you are saying that they are teaching children using that movie, it is absolutely wrong. And the movies intent were never religious. (Funny - Mel Gibson and his Jew cussing prowess)

Oh, and good job using the same thing I used. That was really a big surprise. I didn't see that one coming from one inch away.
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