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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
No, I mean that showing violence in religion shouldn't be the way to convince a child to believe in something. And there is extreme violence in Passion Of The Christ

A boy is stabbed in the stomach (blood is shown on his mouth and stomach.) A girl, having witnessed this, backs against a wall as the killer chases her and screams as she is presumably killed off-screen.

A girl jumps out of a jeep, injuring her ankle, and limps through a forest. She is then cornered by the killer and her throat is slit with a large hunting knife (blood is shown on her neck.)

While searching for a snake in a cabin, several characters accidentally knock over a bedside table and tear a bed apart until a boy finds the snake and chops it in half with a machete.

A boy's corpse is shown in a bed with a bloody, slit throat. As another boy lies in the bed below, the blood begins to drip onto his forehead when suddenly, the killer grabs him by the head from behind and impales him through the neck with an arrow (we see the tip of the arrow penetrating his neck as blood gushes out of the wound.)

A girl is stabbed in the head with an axe (we see the axe coming down and then see the girl fall to the floor with the axe still in her head surrounded by blood.)

A girl runs into an archery range and we hear her scream off-screen as she is presumably killed.

A man is stabbed in the chest.

A girl and a boy find a bloody axe on a bed.

A girl finds a boy's bloody corpse hanging on a door, impaled and held up by arrows. The girl then runs to a cabin, where another girl's bloody corpse is flung through a glass window.

The girl is later attacked by a woman (who reveals herself to be the killer) with a large knife, who charges at her, but the girl grabs a fireplace poker and hits the woman twice with it, knocking her over onto a couch. The girl then runs out of the cabin, finding a man's bloody corpse with a knife in his chest hanging upside down from a tree and a girl's bloody corpse with a slit throat in a car. The girl goes into a boathouse, where she attempts to load a shotgun with bullets, but the woman suddenly appears and corners the girl against a wall. The girl is then thrown down by the woman, who slaps her in the face four times, but the girl reaches for the shotgun and uses it to hit the woman and knock her across the room. The girl then runs back to the cabin and hides in the kitchen, locking the door behind her. The woman begins violently breaking the door down with a machete and enters the kitchen, slashing the machete wildly at the girl, attempting to stab her with it, but the girl hits the woman over the head with a frying pan, knocking her unconscious (we see some blood coming from her head.) The girl then runs out to a boat to wait for help when suddenly, the woman appears behind her and raises the machete. The girl holds up the boat's oar to defend herself, but the machete breaks it in half. The girl falls out of the boat onto the beach and the woman stabs at the ground, but the girl rolls out of the way. The woman drops the machete and attacks the girl as they struggle on the beach with the woman attempting to strangle the girl and then biting her on the arm. The girl rolls over and the woman begins beating her head against the ground, but the girl bites the woman's arm and escapes. She runs across the beach and picks up the machete, charging at the woman, and decapitates her (we see her bloody head fall off into the water, the bloody stump at the top of her neck, and some blood on the machete.)

As the girl rests in the boat, a boy's decomposing corpse jumps out of the lake and pulls her underwater. We later see her in a hospital, apparently injured, but alive.

Some mild language, such as "shit" and "goddamn", is used infrequently during the film; a few mild profanities, sexual references, and drug references (e.g. "Colombian gold", "hash", "grass", "weed") are used as well.

Two boys horse around with a policeman while supposedly under the influence of marijuana (they are not shown smoking).

A boy smokes a cigarette in one scene.

Two girls and a boy drink beer and smoke marijuana while playing Strip Monopoly.


Yes, I have seen those scenes in the Passion of Christ,(dubbed: Pain of Christ in the Arabic DVD release - only subtitles were present) and they are not of the intensity of the Friday the 13th.
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