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Originally Posted by Deadly-Dreamer-X View Post
But, it is like you are saying "They should not make/show movies based on religion!".

Friday The 13th contains scenes of sexual pervertedness, Strong/violent language and extreme gore(decapitation, disembowelment and mutilation) . Whereas the other does not. There is a significant contrast, my friend.
IMDB Parents Guide

Jesus is handcuffed to a pole and brutally whipped. He falls, gets up and the soldiers change the whipping weapon from a small rope to a chain-like whip with hooks on the end. The cuts shown are very realistic. Jesus is covered in blood and his blood spurts on the soldiers' faces and on the ground. This scene is very brutal, graphic, and heavy. Mary is given towels to clean up the blood after the whipping is over.

A man hangs himself from a tree.

A crown of thorns is placed on Jesus' head. A soldier pushes the thorns into his head using a stick. The thorns are shown graphically penetrating the skin

Throughout almost the entire movie, Jesus is completely covered in blood and cuts.

A soldier's ear is cut off.

When Jesus is placed on the cross, nails are hammered into his palms and feet. The nails are shown going right through his hands and feet and through the wood. This scene is very graphic and is not for the faint of heart. Much blood is shown.

A man's eyes are pecked at by a crow. Blood is shown.

After Jesus has died, a soldier plunges a spear under his rib to make sure he is dead. A very large amount of blood spurts out.

All violence is extreme and bloody. Do not watch if you have a weak stomach

The scenes of violence are very disturbing, intense and frightening, especially to young children. Brutal to watch.

No, I mean that showing violence in religion shouldn't be the way to convince a child to believe in something. And there is extreme violence in Passion Of The Christ

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