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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
I was wondering why some parents would rather let their kids watch the violent movie, "Passion Of The Christ" at such a young age but not let their kids watch some Friday The 13th movie. I mean, their pretty much the same thing - Extremely violent. Actually, Passion Of The Christ is worse on violence. It's pretty much saying to your kid, "And this is what Jesus did for you! You see all that blood and the nails going in him? YEAH! FOR YOU!"

Care to ramble?
I watched "Passion of the Christ" recently, I watched Friday The 13th Movie back then. But, I know where you are getting.

But, it is like you are saying "They should not make/show movies based on religion!".

Friday The 13th contains scenes of sexual pervertedness, Strong/violent language and extreme gore(decapitation, disembowelment and mutilation) . Whereas the other does not. There is a significant contrast, my friend.
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