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Originally Posted by LIsailer19
i think people who are uncut use lube more, i'm cut and i dont use it and i'm fine. i did use it once though, i didnt notice much difference except that it was faster.
I don't use lube at all

The reason people use lube during sex is to prevent friction, which may hurt. This also includes masturbating. When I'm masturbating, I rarely use petrolium jelly (my lube). That's because I can't find it since I moved and because it's easier to cum faster and not as much hand-washing dry. When people masturbate dry, (without any lube), their hand (from what I've learned from masturbating) moves with the penis. With lube it's alot more slippery, harder to control, but your hand keeps getting off-track and doesn't move as much with the penis, which adds pleasure since there is a different kind of minipulation of the penis (or different kind of rubbing; friction maybe). People can also play control games with themselfs.
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