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Talking Re: And then when I looked at it I said...Yeah! :-P

Eh well I waited a whole night () to masturbate. My prostate had time to make more semen and lefty/righty (naw I didn't name them ) had a whole night too. I came just about as much as I normally did. See, sperm is in semen. Your body may not be able to make sperm yet, but semen. So it really won't increace the amount all that much because those things are small o.o

After creating this thread I think to myself...what a wonderful world!!

I think that it's a tacky name Please change thread name to:
Not Ready to Make White

XD Inside joke for Dixie Chick fans I just had to say that

Please change thread name to:
I came white!

Thank you, and Andy, you lucky devil
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