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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

The Balloon

A farmer is in his field tending to his crop of corn when he hears from the distance, "Hey! Farmer!" He looks around, sees nothing, and returns to his work.

"Hey! Farmer!" Still nothing out of the ordinary that he could see. He looked to his house to see if anyone was waiting, but there was nobody.

"Farmer! Up here!" He looks up and sees two people, probably in their early twenties, waving at him from a hot-air balloon.

"What?" The farmer yells upwards.

"Where are we?" They reply.

"You're in a ballon, ya damn fools!"


A farmer is sitting on his rocking chair, polishing his rifle. He sees a red sports car racing down the highway, kicking up a cloud of dust. When the car reaches his driveway, it whips a turn and heads towards his house.

When the car reaches the house, the driver gets out and asks for directions. "I lost my map, you see, and I need to get to Wolfeboro. Can you help me?"

"Ah, Wolfeboro. Nice town." The farmer purses lips and thinks. "Well, if you turn right on the highway and go for about a mile, then turn right at the fork in the road... naw, that won't do it. At the same fork, make a left and go about half a mile... nope, that's a dead end. If'n you take a left... go about 3 miles... naw." He pauses.

"Well, son, ya can't get there from here."
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