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Default Would you guys?

I was reading the post beneath me..and it got me thinking..

how many of you (straight) guys would ever let another guy masturbate/blow you??

i mean...if a friend randomly started touching ur penis...would you let him carry on ...

if you didnt do anything to him..just recieved??

i ask because (i am gay - and nobody knows it) and lately me and my ( i assume straight) friend were getting slightly drunk..and a straight porno scene came on TV (we were at my house home alone)..and you could tell he was getting slightly horny...and i so wanted just to 'do stuff' with him...but didnt have the confidence to go for ...i don't know how he would of reacted ..

so if in this scene..or any time ever...a guy was gonna 'Give' you..and you were ONLY going to 'recieve' what would you do?

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