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Originally Posted by serial-thrilla
theres a difference between patriotism and just plain arrogance.
thats true, and i'll admit to being the classic "arrogant (and patriotic) american asshole."


Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Okay first
Bush isnt soley responsible i mean i dont like him either but its not ONE MAN that has fucked the entire american economy this has been a result of ALLOT of areas of the government, both parties and more then one president

and I siad canada is dependant on america
i never denied that

America is dependant on Canada with
natural gas
soft wood lumber
fresh water
etc.....(the list is really long)

its funny
your psycotic about the oil deposits in the middle east because the american dollar is glued to oil
yet i havent meet a single american that gives a dam about the fact that canada is the number one exporter of oil and natual gas to america
we have more then the middle east
and were a hell of allot more stable

if the middle eas has a minor problem with a pipeline
say its damaged (blown up by psycotic terrorists)
or set on fire
even for a breif time the cost of fuel in america SKYROCKETS
imagine if Canada finnaly got sick of your shit and said fuck you

during the summer months allot of states have controled black outs inorder to conserve power and try to prevent a catastrophic cascading black out which would spread throughout the entire power grid like a plauge

allot of your power comes from canada
imagine if we just flipped a switch

Have you ever tried building a house with hardwood?

How about the largest amount of fresh water of which allot we send to america?

America depends on us allot more then it would care to admit
fucking arrogance
worse then quebec
let me start off by saying when you said more than one president, that was wrong. when our last president left office ,the american dollar was strong, and we had a 6 billion dollar surplus. bush made most of the decisions that put us into 438 billion dollars of debt. and while you are right and congress makes decisions too, in many cases, at the end of the day the deciding factor is the president.

next i want to say that the american dollar isnt glued to oil. americans dont go to the mall and buy oil. we're not obsessed with it like the whole world thinks we are. the reason oil prices skyrocket when pipe breaks in the middle east is because the corrupt oil comapnies are looking for any excuse to make money without regarding the enviormental or economic state of the country. the reason americans dont give a damn that canada exports oil to us, is because ameriacans dont know about it. and trust me, for canadians, that might be better. i can tell you from years of living in american greed and arrogance that if americans knew about canadas oil, the US would turn to canada, milk you guys dry, and drop you like a hot potato. its probably better to keep it quiet and let the american public continue to think that the gas sitting in their cars was once in the ground in saudi arabia. and i know that 85% of canadas exports are to the US, but that 85% of your exports only equals about 17% of our imports. 23% of the US's exports go to canada. That 23% is equal to 58% of your imports though. More than half of your imports come from the united states. Food, automoblies, medicine, industruial equiptment, telecommunications equiptment, etc. alot of americas needs are met domestically as well. the computer i'm typing on right now is being powered by electricity produced about 10 miles away in cold spring harbor, NY. the house im sitting in is built by material shipped from new england. the water that comes out of my tap is is from a water tower just down the road. the the food i eat is from california and other (mid) western states. all of that is american produced.

I think the bottom line is that both Canadians and Americans (in this case you and i) can agree that both countries are dependent on each other, and both play very important roles in the economic state each other, and of north america in general.

and now i'm done debating US vs Canada, lets get the debate back on topic...

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