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Default Re: Importance of Sex

Sex is a drug, and like a drug it feels good for some, painful for the rare. Sex has long term consequences, i.e. a small ball of flesh that seems to need no sleep. But if given the correct precautions, sex can be as safe as...well masterbation. Sex can also be addicting, and that is the problem now, everybody wants it, and often. What happens is that sex leaves the relm of love and enters the relm of heroine. Seriously, nowadays you can buy just about anything for a quicky in an alley. And the younger kids are having sex is caused by sex getting in mainstream entertainment. Look at almost any music video made in the last 5 years, and Hugh Hefner could be able to take credit for making them. For those of you that dont get the joke, Hugh is the creator of playboy. So sex becomes a popular thing, hey its like the latest fasion, sex is the 'in' thing. Sex is gonna be watched by and 18 year old from MTV rap-off,copied by the 18 year olds 13 year old brother watching the 18 year old and his/her friends act/dress, then the 13 year old will be copied by the 9 year old and so on until you got toddlers giving handjobs and wearing "Sperm Dumpster" T-shirts...that is about when the world is gonna wake up and realize, sex is fine and is great but hey....barely legal is not something that a 5 year old fits in...

oh as an example of how bad the sex is spreading in america, i was watching some movie on ABC family and do you know what popped up as a comercial? GUYS GONE WILD....i didnt even know that existed. well now i do and so does some 7 year old girl that just got visually molested by ABC. I was seriously thinking of contacting the FCC but i feel there should be less censorship...but watching the media have a field day would have been fun too....

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