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Default Re: Rowling hints at the death of Harry

Originally Posted by Se7en
ummmm ron, hermoine are mainc haracters, havent u read the books....yes because harry is the protag and voldermort is the antag,, doesnt not diminish the others role in the story..Does that mean the person who died in the 6th book wasnt shocking because they werent a main character????

Now we must poinder who are the unlucky 2
Where in my posts would you have gotten the idea that I havn't read the books? And no, it was shocking, were are you drawing all these ideas from

Look up the definition of main character and supporting character. Rowling could have been using very precise language in her interview, which supports my point. In todays liberal speach, many assume "main character" to mean anyone who frequently reoccurs in the story. This is not the case, the only people that are main characters are the primary protagonist and antagonist- the characters with all the complexity.

Ron, Hermione, and everyone else just provide relationships and cause the main characters to do what they do- they are supporting roles. Now normally I wouldn't get into symantics, but it's common in authors to be very precise with their speaking when dropping these subtle hints, so symantics are everything.
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