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Originally Posted by LIsailer19
because of what i said? i dont really know why you quoted me, if i changed your mind because of me being patriotic (and somewhat egotistical) to the US then sorry. i dont know why you quoted me though.

just like you love Ireland, i love the United States. and while i'm not european and dont fully care what happens there, i do agree with you. Ireland, (and all the other EU nations), should keep their independence. thats one thing i dont like about north america, your either mexican, american, or canadian, there isnt much diversity. in europe however, there are tons of different types of cultures all over the continent. the united states is sort of what europe might be like, in terms of having all the states. it seems weird, france, italy, ireland, etc, would just be states.
theres a difference between patriotism and just plain arrogance.
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