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Okay first
Bush isnt soley responsible i mean i dont like him either but its not ONE MAN that has fucked the entire american economy this has been a result of ALLOT of areas of the government, both parties and more then one president

and I siad canada is dependant on america
i never denied that

America is dependant on Canada with
natural gas
soft wood lumber
fresh water
etc.....(the list is really long)

its funny
your psycotic about the oil deposits in the middle east because the american dollar is glued to oil
yet i havent meet a single american that gives a dam about the fact that canada is the number one exporter of oil and natual gas to america
we have more then the middle east
and were a hell of allot more stable

if the middle eas has a minor problem with a pipeline
say its damaged (blown up by psycotic terrorists)
or set on fire
even for a breif time the cost of fuel in america SKYROCKETS
imagine if Canada finnaly got sick of your shit and said fuck you

during the summer months allot of states have controled black outs inorder to conserve power and try to prevent a catastrophic cascading black out which would spread throughout the entire power grid like a plauge

allot of your power comes from canada
imagine if we just flipped a switch

Have you ever tried building a house with hardwood?

How about the largest amount of fresh water of which allot we send to america?

America depends on us allot more then it would care to admit
fucking arrogance
worse then quebec


Back on topic

I still love the idea of a strong European Union
because with the emergence of China
with Irans nuclear program
With the severe instability in the middle east ingeneral (Hamas, Al-quida, etc...)
North Korea....nough said
I would feel allot better having a strong and unified EU not just for the military or the security
but more importantly the economic factor
I hope Canada works on its ties with you guys

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