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Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
LIsailer19 I hate ta break it to ya hun but your economys already in serious trouble
and now with the emergence of China as a communist super power
Iran and North Koreas nuclear program
and constant attacks from Al-Quida
You could use a strong allie watching your back

I understand where Alex is comming from that would be like Canada and Mexico merging with America
dont get me wrong norht america having something like the EU would be great
but i wouldnt want it to be one country

so I understand the hesitation
and although I agree that they should stay speerate countries that ultimatly are soley responsible for there own sovernty they should be allowed to hold on to there history, culture and ideals
not to mention whod wanna be parta germany

BUT that being said it would be good to have REALLY close ties between all the EU countries
a unified currency
extremly secure outter boarders allowing for no need for internal ones
even a unified military so that if one country attacks all are at war (kinda like NATO)

As a canadian perspective a stong Eurpoe is nice for the Common Wealth
Anoter strong Democratic power on the world stage would be nice
espically one with a stronger and more stable economy then Americas
over the years Canada has become dependant on the american market
without us they flat out wouldnt be able to remain a superpower
still were ignored
and now with there dept and SEVERLY weakening dollar
I would like us to diversify into more economys
We've already begun that with the Asian market
working on ties with China and Japan for instance
as well as working more closley with Australia
so a strong and unified European Union would be nice

...dont get me wrong
I like america but..

well, the us dollar is weak because the united states is paying war debts, domestic debts, etc. our senate allows funding for the stupidest shit which puts us more into debt and hurts the economy more. george fucking bush has cause a 6 billion dollar surplus to turn into a 500 billion dollar deficit. that is why the dollar is weak.

i have to strongly disagree with you when you say america couldnt be a superpower without canada. while its a fact that the two countries are extremely dependent on each other, the US could still get along just fine without canada. also, 58.2 percent of all canadas imports are from the US. and while 85 percent of canadas exports are to the united states, that 85 percent of canadas exports is only 28 of americas imports. so dont make it out like canada couldnt survive without america. all those percentage numbers are on this website , just incase your interested
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