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Originally Posted by Jeg4n View Post
Hi, looking at these posts kinda makes me jealous. I am 15 years old (birthday was yesterday haha) and i can't feel anything on my penis. When i touch it, my penis cannot feel anything at all, whatsoever. I have to use my spit to jack off, and i don't feel anything until the cum. someone please help. I think i might have a case of anorgasmia, but i also have "fordyce's spots". These might be the solution to my problem, but NO i don't wank off wrong and NO i don't have a really small penis, mines is 5 1/2 inches.
You should probably see a doctor about this; professional help is always the best when dealing with something as precious as your penis!

True, the fordyce's spots aren't supposed to be cancerous (just cosmetic), but the anorgasmia is probably the bigger problem

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