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I think the fact that the EU is very important in Europe that it could happen. But if Europe were to Unite I think it would be a fallout for some European Economies. Also it would a change that would be very hard and take a long time. Just imagine if North America United. I doubt most of you would like that. Think of all the text books/maps/globes that would be inacurate after the change. It could not only hurt Europe but could even hit the United States Education Department. I think it would cost over 10 Billion Dollars in the US Schools alone (I dont know how much all the textbooks in the US Cost but it would be a blow to the US Schools! Not to inagine all over the world. It would be a blow to every countries Schools. Anyone who wants this to happen is not looking at the Finicial parts of this subject. Since textbook costs are already sky rocketing if this happened then it would hurt the world! Its very unlikely in mho to happen!
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