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Originally Posted by redcar
oh we are well on the way to a United Europe, which even though has its good points, i dont want each country to loose their sense of independace and become a United States of Europe, or something similar, that would be sickening.
why would a euro US be sickening? as an american i take offence to that, unless you meant something else.

i dont think europe should unite. personally speaking, that would suck. i know this sounds like "jackass american" speaking, but if europe became one country, the united states wouldnt be nearly as powerful. that would cause a crumble in the united states's economy, power, etc. now i'm really going to sound like a jackass but i dont really care because this is what i really beleive, i love living in the most powerful (and in my opinion, greatest) nation on earth ... if europe joined, US would no longer have nearly as much attention, power, or money on a global scale.

i also think that there would be way too much confusion in terms of building up europe into one superpower. you would have people speaking french in one corner, norse in another, and a completly diversified society. now there is nothing worng with that, in fact i support it. the US is very diversifed also. but in america, diversifacation occurs all over, not just groups of people in their own niches. if europe formed, people with completly different beleifs, who dont even speak the same language, and live nowhere near each other, would call themselves members of the same country. it makes no sence.

alright i've said some of what i wanted to say, i could go on but i barely know where to start saying why i think its a bad idea.

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