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Default Re: Rowling hints at the death of Harry

Originally Posted by Diego
I think Harry is the horcrux.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by 2blonde4emailzz
Then why would Voldemort be trying to kill him?
Because he either doesn't realize it, or he does realize it and relies on his other horcruxes, not realizing that they are slowly being destroyed.

Besides, given that only two are being killed and not three, it makes the most sense. It is undeniable that Harry will be one of them, but if it was going to be Ron or Hermione, I think three not two would be killed, she wouldn't only kill one or the other.

Also, she says "main" characters, and by definition, only Harry and Voldemort are main characters, the main protagonist and antagonist- all the rest (Ron, Hermione, Snape, Malfoy, Peter) are supporting characters.

Finally, she said at one time there were going to be three deaths at the end of the 7th. Well I bet the third other than Harry and Voldy was to be Dumbledore, but since she decided to kill him early it got narrowed down to 2. And also that would make a lot of sense for those three to all die at the same time.
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