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a united Europe, we are currently on the road to having. think about it out of the countries in Europe 25 are members of the European Union. now the EU is an extremely powerful body. now at this stage about 60% of all laws come from the EU. also an EU law will always superceed (sp?) a national law. so whatever the EU says goes. also 12 countries have the same currency and come January 2007 i believe it is 10 more will join the Euro. so that will be 22 out of 25 EU countries.

with the EU there is no internal borders. you can move freely from country to country without the bother of any checkpoints, of course with air u still need your passport. also there is free movement of capital, goods and labour. no tarrifs. and at the moment they are plannning the introduction of the new EU constitution which will include harmonizing taxes europe wide.

oh we are well on the way to a United Europe, which even though has its good points, i dont want each country to loose their sense of independace and become a United States of Europe, or something similar, that would be sickening.

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