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Default eBaums World... what are your oppinions??

this was from about two/three weeks ago and was posted in (great flash website btw) about a flash movie made my a 17 year old kid called Alan... the movie was posted the June 8, 2006 ( [if you dont use flash, you might not get it]) ... heres ABS says...

June 9, 2006: Wow, only one day and already Alan's file got decompiled and stolen off of here. Sad news for those with morals.

June 12, 2006: I'd like to thank those with morals who have contacted me to support Albino Blacksheep and our member Alan Becker the author of Animator vs. Animation. As I reported earlier, Alan's copyright has been violated by another website. Alan allowed three websites in total to post his file including here at ABS, but no other sites beyond the three. As the copyright holder, Alan has full say where his file may and may not be posted according to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998.

Alan specifically did not allow Mr. Bauman's site to post his file, but Mr. Bauman did so anyways hoping Alan would never even notice. I have spoken to Alan and Alan's father who will take the necessary legal steps against Mr. Bauman. Although it will take some time and money, and I will personally help out anyway I can in this process. I have already donated small funds. I am familiar with Mr. Bauman's documented (il)legal tactics, loopholes and outright lies including his reaction to stealing a file that I worked on, so I will make sure Alan is prepared for that.

It goes without question to regulars here that I have made personal connections with hundreds of animators over the past many years who submit their work here, and I have permission to post every file on this page that is in the Flash format. Alan specifically was smart enough to add MochiBot tracking code that I provided him to the three legitimate copies of his flash file. This is how we have digital proof of the copyright violation, and that the file was decompiled by the actions of Mr Bauman's corporation. As well the tracker serves as proof that this is the site that is the source of the file.

Thanks again for the support. I can't say I am surprised at the amount of people contacting me who have been victims of Mr. Bauman's actions without receiving credit nor giving Mr. Bauman any permission to publish files. If this post concerns you, time to revisit my copyright information article which includes an audio clip of Mr. Bauman's employee stating there are no rules and regulations on the Internet. You wish, Mr. Bauman.

June 23, 2006: I'm being forced to revisit this topic, but here goes.

After two weeks or so of controversy around Alan Becker's animation titled Animation vs Animator, Mr. Bauman finally decided to contact Alan again and pay Alan for his animation, but not just that. Alan was paid to authorize a pre-scripted quote claiming that Mr. Bauman never steals, and this quote was written in such a way to convince people Alan gave permission before the incident.

They contacted me BEFORE they posted my animation on their site.

Alan and Mr. Bauman's company were in contacts before. This isn't new information. It is implied by what I said in an earlier post:

Alan specifically did not allow Mr. Bauman's site to post his file.

What needs to be emphasised is that these contacts between the two parties resulted in Alan denying Bauman's company permission to post the file over a disagreement with Bauman's Terms of Service. Funny how Bauman's company forgot to mention that detail.

On June 9, Bauman's company posted the file anyways without paying Alan and without permission. Only after Bauman heard of a lawsuit did he decide to actually pay Alan for the file (a settlement fee, if you prefer to call it), and Alan received his check for $250 in the mail yesterday morning. Alan is sending back the check today. He tried to pay back last night, but was given many excuses that this cannot be reversed. Then they seemed to magically go offline the second Alan asked for their paypal address.

The animator communities were unhappy to hear that Alan was swayed with money at the expense of everyone whose copyright had been violated. I personally feel like I was sold out by Alan too. Turns out Alan is not from a rich home by any means. He is a 17 year old kid being exploited by a company that earns a quarter million per month (yes, really), and operating from a mansion bought for $850,000. Copyright infringement seems to pay off. As things stand now, I forgive Alan. Alan has written an explanation which are his own words and unpaid for.

Hello, I am the author of Animator vs. Animation...

I feel so ashamed, and the world is ashamed of me.

I fell into eBaum's trap. I gave them fuel to fight back.
With their constant persuasion and offers for money, they made me write a quote saying that everything was fine. Of course everything was fine for me, because I had the money they had given me. What can you expect, I was dead poor before, I have no experience with business. The quote says they contacted me before they posted my animation on their website, however I did not give them permission to put it on.

I can remove this very post on request when Alan's semantically truthful, but otherwise forced and false quote is removed. It's nice that Alan offered a counter to his own quote when he realized how it was misrepresented.

I want this to be over with. I'm not looking for publicity. Although that seems to be the only thing that this leads to. I'm too mature to play these games. I'm just looking to clear up the issue and promote education about copyright since artists again and again get the short end of the stick when it comes to posting their work online.

Please read it all if you are interested, and post your comments...


If you want to know more, go to this thread in the ABS forums:

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