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Default Re: Screwed...

I'm assuming your 15-16 (thats the average in america so ima go off that)

I'm a virgin still so I cant give you any advice based on personal experiences
I wasen't really....stable at your age..


Okay your mums scared
your her little girl and shes just trying to protect you

see my parents have always had a diffrent policy
my dad was having sex when he was 12
now i dont think he wanted me to be having it then
but any questions i've EVER had i've ALWAYS been able to ask
If any of us ever needed condoms, alcohol, etc... they'd get it for us
aslong as I was safe
they'd be fine with it

that abstinence crap dosent work
its proven
i mean dear god look at texas
its teen pregnancy rate is higher then every other state COMBINED

If I was you
i'd suggest calmly talking to your mum
assure her that you didnt mean to hurt her or make her feel like your keeping things from her
tell her that shes taught you well, that you know its VERY important to be safe and you always will be
make it clear that she should trust you and your judgment
try to make her understand that you and him really care about eachother
try to show her that your not a little girl anymore
and that your entitled to some privacy
Dont shut her out
don't get angry, resentful or distant

the average in america is 15.3yrs old
so don't feel bad or upset er guilty or anything


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